Saturday, July 11, 2009

one week

i'm in the middle of 4 different projects right now. i'm working on a blanket, a clipboard, a birdfeeder, and i spray painted a little vase i bought at goodwill today, but i'm going to have to go over it again. all in an effort to keep myself busy until k-dogg returns. and i already made another blanket and a flower arrangement for the front door and the topiary i showed here monday. i promise to post pictures of everything when it's all finished. the birdfeeder is just drying. i also spray painted some metal stars that i stole from a coach's classroom on the last day of school. he was fired a couple weeks before school was out, so on the last day we looted his room! they are going to look good in my new classroom, but they were dark/barn red and now they are silver. what else? my mom and i went to lowe's twice. i now have a nice new trash can and water sprinkler. we had been using what the previous house owners left here two years ago. i got a trellis for my out of control rose bush, it's in the ground, but i haven't weaved the rose bush into it yet. i've done more yard work this week than i've ever done before. all the stuff i have to move to my new classroom has been sorted, packed, labeled, and is waiting in the storage room. i watched the spiderwick chronicles, notes on a scandal, and the secret life of bees. i read same kind of different as me. the only thing i didn't do that i wanted to do this week was paint the wall in my computer room. i still have a day or two, so we'll see. it probably won't get done yet. all of my computer stuff is against that wall and i don't want to unplug everything while k-dogg is gone. and i still need to finish the bedroom. i finally got some stuff hung up, but it's still a mess. i don't think it's ever been completely clean and organized since we've lived here. i really want that and my closet completely organized before i go back to work. it makes it so much easier to get ready for work when i know where all of my clothes and accessories are placed. for now, i'm going to go change the channel on my tv...the nanny gets on my nerves!

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