Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School is going great. Nothing exploded in my car this week! Eventually, I'm going to get used to getting up early again. Then maybe I won't be so tired all the time. I go to bed at a decent time...I just have a problem not slowing down from about 6am-9:30pm most nights. I was supposed to rest all weekend, but I still went to the football game, Canton, HobbyLobby, and then went to see the Brad Pitt movie for the second Saturday in a row. Very good movie...very funny...definitely not for everyone, especially if you've never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sunday, I didn't go anywhere except CVS and that was only for cokes and cold medicine. I really with the Texas game hadn't been on PPV this weekend. I would have loved to see them win that big and maybe see someone I know playing for ULM. I'm ready for cooler weather. It is too hot at recess and I like playing tetherball.

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