Saturday, September 12, 2009

please mr. postman

i found out way more about my neighbor than i ever wanted to know. i stopped at the mailbox on my way shopping this afternoon. it was kinda raining and i was in a hurry, so i just grabbed everything at once. i wouldn't have even looked at the mail, but i noticed the red postcard that means you have an overdue water bill. we paid our water bill on time, so i looked closer. then i saw that it wasn't mine, it was a neighbor's. so i looked at the rest of the mail. none of it was i now know that my neighbor didn't pay the water bill on time, i know what kind of credit card he/she has, and my neighbor's son get a certain magazine from hugh heffner sent there even though he doesn't live there! way more than i ever needed to know! we ended up not even getting any mail!

1 comment:

Mzzterry said...

funny. you get tmi even without trying!