Wednesday, September 30, 2009

appels + oranjes

bean thinks i never post anymore...kinda true. by the time i think to blog, i'm either too tired or my computer is acting goofy. but i do have a couple of stories to share...

yesterday my kids were asking me. once again, why i don't have children. after one said i already look pregnant (won't be wearing that shirt for awhile!), and another said i should have kids so that when my husband leaves me i'll still have someone to hang out with at home...this little oddball says," maybe she'll be like johnny appleseed. he never had no kids. he just walked around the world planting apple seeds and no one bugged him." what!!?!?!?! i get the reason johnny appleseed was on his brain. they read about him in the library last week for his birthday. i do not get how he made that connection, though!

today my kids were making character bags. they were supposed to decorate the outside with words and drawings that would help others identify the bag's owner. they were supposed to put items that represent inside character traits inside the bag. so, our kid with a serious gas problem holds up his bag and says, "everyone will know who's bag this is..." he had written "has a stomach problem and farts and farts a lot!" he got to make a new bag since these will be out for open house, but i kept his original bag to remind me of my first year teaching 4th grade!

a lot of other funny stuff has happened in class, but i can't remember anything else right now. we just chased two pink lizards around k-dogg's office and the hallway!

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Mzzterry said...

farting must be a big deal with 4th graders. i remember when subbing for MissA and she wrote a note to a parent to say that her son seemed to have a *flatulence* problem, perhaps he needed medical attention! It cracked me up!

Just go ahead & get pregnant and make everyone happy!!