Saturday, August 13, 2011

shoulder lean

my left shoulder has not been quite the same since i had Scout.  it was a very difficult labor.  his cord was wrapped around his neck and to try to get it unwrapped, they would shove pillows under me to prop up one side.  when that didn't help him get untangled, they'd turn me the other way and start shoving again.  in between, they'd literally lift me off the bed, shake me, and then put me back down.  at the time i was on so much medication, had had an epidural, and was trying so hard just to get Scout here that it didn't bother me.  after the pain meds wore off, i could barely move my left arm.  it eventually felt almost normal again, but not the same.  i was always pretty flexible.  i could scratch my own back, zip up my own dresses...not anymore.  it just doesn't work right.  after holding and carrying Scout most of yesterday (i think he knows school is about to start and his time with momma is limited!), i woke up in the middle of the night in pain.  i could barely get dressed, i can't hold my head up straight, and the left side from right below my ear down my shoulder and back to my elbow hurts!  i took aleve and soaked in the jet bath, but then Scout wanted to be in my lap for awhile and now the pain is worse.  my muscle relaxers and my ice pack are at my mom's house.  this is not how i intended to spend my last weekend before going back to school on monday!  but at least it's cloudy today, it's only you know how good that is!?!?!

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queen of everything said...

no fun, hope your arm is feeling better soon. will say a prayer for you