Friday, August 5, 2011

free fallin'

The letter F...I honestly haven't come up with much.  I'll probably think of a lot later because I write these posts, and then I get this letter stuck in my head until I do the next one!

 Franco...James Franco has replaced Brad Pitt at the top of my favorite actors list.  I love his character on General Hospital.  He was hilarious in Pineapple Express, I hope I get to see Rise of Planet of the Apes, and I loved Freaks and Geeks.  Some of his other movies really are bad, but oh well.  He's done all different kinds of movies, he's done tv, he's written a book, and he goes to college at some of the toughest schools in the country...for fun!

Frogs...I did a research report about frogs and how they're disappearing because people keep moving into their habitats for my Environment and Man class at UTT.  After that, everyone in class called me the frog girl.  Then, all my friends and family started buying me frog stuff.  I have calenders, jewelry, pictures, and more figurines than I ever thought I would see of frogs!  My classroom had a frog theme for a while.  I try not to buy anything frog related now unless it just absolutely calls to me.  The last thing I got was a pregnant Sprogz from my mom when I was pregnant with Scout.  I already had the teacher, the bridesmaid, the hippie, and the graduate, so I had to have it!  And, it turns out, Scout looks like a frog when he sleeps sometimes.  I still like frogs, I just don't want them all over my house! 

Fireworks...I like fireworks as long as they stay way up in the sky.  Watching fireworks at the Rangers game is scary and I don't like sparklers or any kind of do-it-yourself fireworks.  Maybe it's because the one time my parents let Bean and I hold a shoe caught on fire!  We managed to see about 2 fireworks from Times Square while we were in NYC on the fourth this year.  Sea World and Astroworld had pretty good fireworks.  Our hometown does fireworks every year.  It used to last about 5 minutes, but I think they're up to about 12 now!

That's all I have for now...maybe I'll think of some more things later and add them.  For now, I'm off to the grocery store!