Saturday, August 27, 2011


Gee, it's been awhile since i've done the letter thing! many times can you watch the same movie?  bean and i watched this movie over and over when i was in high school and college.  we used to quote it all the time..."peachy keen, jelly bean!"  she even dated the guy that played danny zuko in their school production!  it's so goofy and cheesy, but it's nothing compared to Grease 2!

 Good...the song by better than that song!

Gray...i told my students on tuesday that gray was my favorite color and they were not impressed.  one kid even said gray doesn't count as a color!  i have a feeling he's not going to think much of my fall and winter wardrobe!

Grover...more specifically, super grover...the man, the myth, the legend!  my real favorite superhero.  and scout looks so cute in his super grover tshirt!

Gladewater...yeah, i know.  there are many many places that would be much better to live.  what can i say, you go with what you know.  many of it's residents are seriously lacking "culture and refinement,"  the water is awful, it's small, having to go to the drugstore or grocery store in town is usually the last thing i want to do...but it's home!


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queen of everything said...

ah, grover, i saw a grover beanie pattern the other day on ravelry.