Wednesday, August 13, 2008

here i go again

i'm sick of workshops and meetings already. too bad i have a whole week of them next week. why can't we just have two days to get our rooms ready, and then send in the kids? i have a lot of other things i could be doing. like all of the stuff still on my list of things to do this summer. clean my craft room, my patio, my car. or i could go visit my sister. not very fond of california, but it would be infinitely better than sitting in the high school library all day! other than getting ready for work and becoming addicted to facebook, not much else is happening. we've been watching the olympics every night and it hasn't even gotten to my favorite part yet, track and field. i am enjoying watching michael phelps win a lot. my favorite part of swimming is when they get to the end of the pool and flip to go the other way. that's awesome! off to bed now, i don't like being up alone.

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DyessFam said...

Hey! If you think reading my blog is tiring, try writing it! Aahahahahaha! I like reading your blog. Always something interesting going on. We've really got to get together someday, but until I'm back in the area for any length of time, I don't see it happening. Who knows...anything can happen. Hi to your mom! I just figured out who she is on here. I'm so behind the times. I also can't believe you just said you just found out patent leather is gonna be in this season. I know there's a good joke in there, but right now I'm so stinkin' tired......AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!:)