Sunday, August 24, 2008


head first, back to work tomorrow morning. i've really already been at work for a week. but it doesn't really feel like work until the kids come back. otherwise, what's the point? got my alarm set, have my clothes picked out, stocked up on honeybuns and cokes yesterday...breakfast of champions! i have morning cafeteria duty this year...yuck. they switched me with someone because that person doesn't think she can get to work by 7:30. i wouldn't mind trading with someone that has kids, i know it's hard for them to get to work. but, that's not the case with this one...oh well. i guess i can't sleep til 7:15 anymore! i'm taking full advantage of my last day. i woke up for church, but then my mom texted me and said she wasn't going, so i went back to bed and got up after noon. i'm still in my pajamas (i got new pajama pants...with hannah montana on them!) and eating some nacho cheese doritos. the only thing on my agenda is to paint my toenails later and watch army wives tonight. no diving today, just floating in the lazy river!

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DyessFam said...

Seriously, hannah montana? Okay, so I have thought seriously about buying the wig and wearing it out on occasion to see what kind of response I get, but well, we just won't discuss that! Ahahahahaahah. Have fun tomorrow. You are one of several friends that I have had in my life that enjoys a carbonated beverage for breakfast. I don't think I will ever see that attraction. I'm strictly a classic breakfast food/drink kind of person. So, yeah. So what if you had told them you couldn't make it by 7:30? Things that make you go hmmmmm. I'm not advocating rebelliousness, mind you, but I would wonder, just out of curiosity. Ya, know?