Tuesday, August 19, 2008

stand by your man

our motivational speaker at our district meeting this morning was the gatlin brothers little sister. it was pretty boring. she also sang some songs from when she was in school and i only recognized three of them, but only knew for sure who sang one of them. (thanks to my uncle making me listen to james taylor) one was the title of my blog. i can't stand this song, but some of my readers and friends have commented on my post about dinner with my in-laws. that song title pretty much explains why i make myself go to those things! so, what's the deal with all the boyfriends? let's see...my in-laws divorced almost 3 years ago. i never have exactly found out why, because k-dogg is the baby of the family so no one tells him anything. he's an only child and basically an only grandchild. that explains a lot! anyway, his dad recently bought a house with his girlfriend. she's actually the aunt of one of k-dogg's best friends, so i thought he would accept the whole thing pretty well, but it's usually ignored. but, she does buy the best Christmas gifts out of anyone involved with those celebrations! i've never met my f-i-l's dad. he lives here, and he sent us a gift when we got married, but that's it. my f-i-l's mom chooses not to get remarried for social security reasons...i don't even ask or want to understand anything about her current companion and date to all family events. it's just strange to me. k-dogg's uncle has a son that i've never met and an ex-wife that i really liked when i met her at a funeral. and his aunt lives with her boyfriend, they are moving to a new place soon. i'm not sure why they aren't married, unless they just figure it doesn't matter as old as they are. so for some reason, they decided to all gather for lunch this past saturday. i pretty much just keep my head down and eat. i'm sure to a fly on the wall...it would be interesting. a public dinner with either side of my family would probably be even more entertaining to an outsider. but, i would hate for anyone to have to witness that!

now i must go get ready for my newest guilty pleasure...the secret life of the american teenager. followed by sunday night's episode of army wives!


Mzzterry said...

Pine Valley, Llanview, Port Charles, Peyton Place.......none of them have anything on us here in our little town.

Families. Gotta love them. Or not.

DyessFam said...

Wow, so it seems we are all in the same family drama boat in one way or another! Yeah..... I don't see how you keep up with all of that. That's some craziness going on there. I would probably give up, but that's because I have the most horrid memory ever! Hey, you should write a book: As the Glade Runs Around or something. Hehehehe. BTW, I'm glad you and Nersa enjoyed the bum cheeks story. Everyday that we come into the entrance to the rv park, Sam instinctively turns his head away and I'm always looking at the "spot". No more sightings as of yet, but I will keep you all posted. I might even have to go and talk to him out of curiosity!:p

Mzzterry said...

I just tagged you to do the A-Z meme. Check out my blog for details.
Link back to me when you are done.

=) Enjoy!