Sunday, August 31, 2008

them changes

we just got home from spending about 2 hours in lowe's! we got mulch for some of the flower beds, lights for the patio, solar garden lights, a new light fixture for the pirate bathroom, knobs for the doors and drawers in the pirate bathroom, a birdfeeder, hummingbird food, paint for my craft/guest room, paint for the trim in k-dogg's office, a level, and a hammer (cause i can never find our hammer when in need it). i'll try to take before and after pictures while we're working on all these new projects. after pictures are easy, but i usually forget the before pictures which lessens the impact of the after pics. my first week back at school was great. my kids behaved so well that it was scary. i went to our first football game of the year thursday night and we won! it's still too hot for football. i think the heat index was about 96 at kickoff for the jv game! but, it's labor day weekend, so it's getting closer to my favorite time of the year. my favorite time of year is from october to the end of the year. i don't like halloween much, but k-dogg loves it. he wants to be in charge of decorating for halloween this year. i'm a little worried. he doesn't think my pumpkins and teddy bear dressed like a ghost count as good halloween decorations. one year we had a life size rubber skeleton, but one of our friends wanted to see what would happen if he threw it against the side of a moving bus, so it doesn't stand or sit very well anymore! i'm going to go finish my book, wonderful tonight by patti boyd. i've read all the way through when she was with george harrison and now she's married to eric clapton and is about to leave him. if you're interested in british rock from the sixties and seventies, you should read it.

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rosemond said...

Ah! The joys of home ownership!