Tuesday, September 9, 2008

so what

nothing much to blog about. we went with the go girl group to books-a-million tonight. some of those women NEVER get out! i got a pomegranate green tea with honey, mostly to help my sore throat that i'm trying to ignore. tomorrow night i'm staying home so i'll be good to go to the football games and stuff later. one of my old friends from my old church is coming to town this weekend. we've tried to hang out the last three or four times he's been here, but it hasn't worked out yet. and one of my other old friends will be around in about a month. i haven't seen him in about 10 years, so i hope i'll get to see him when he's here. vans and airwalks, nirvana, and skateboarding...anything i know about any of that stuff started because of him. the busted light on the front of my old toyota...i hit his mom's minivan in the school parking lot and lifted it off the ground. i'm just glad she never found out about it! i got a ut garden gnome from amazon...i was really excited about it. but, they sent me u of tennessee instead of texas, so i'm going to send it back and will have to wait a few more days for the right one! i really need to go talk to k-dogg and go to bed soon, i'm too tired to read a book tonight. i got book one of c.s. lewis's space trilogy in the mail yesterday, the devil wears prada is on it's way in the mail. i still need to read clapton. and there's another book at my mom and dad's that i'm going to read, but i don't remember the title. oh yeah, my blog title has no meaning tonight, it's just what came up on my ipod when i started typing...it's a good song though.


DyessFam said...

I just wanted to say that the space trilogy by C.S. Lewis is soooooooo GOOD! What a mind that guy had! I will say, though that the last pages of the last chapter of the books are stinkers! They make your mind hurt! Its not just food for thought, but a banquette hall full of buffet tables for thought! :D

Rosemond said...

Ok...what fun friend did you see? (It wasn't me!) I'm jealous!