Saturday, September 6, 2008

communication breakdown

it bugs me when bloggers that i read don't update every few days, but i haven't updated in about a week! honestly, nothing really happened. the hurricane missed us but we still got some nasty mist for two days and some cooler weather. there was a fight at school between two kids that i have written about several times. i'm honestly glad neither one of them is in my class anymore. i had to send a kid to the office because he punched another boy below the belt. i think if i was in charge of discipline, i'd be all for an eye for an eye on that one. more jv football thursday night, we won and the weather wasn't bad. i got some good pictures and got to talk to a lot of my old students that are in high school now. i took pictures of the new door pulls i installed monday, but my camera is in my bedroom, and i'm too lazy to go get it right now. today was a rarity, k-dogg went shopping with me! only because i took him to the halloween store. i don't understand him, he's totally afraid of real spiders, even teeny tiny ones, but he comes home with an 8 foot fuzzy spider and a bag full of little squoooshy spiders! weirdo! and i changed the lights on the front porch and put together and installed our new solar garden lights. i just watched failure to launch on tbs. it was alright. i still don't get how they expect you to believe that kathy bates and terry bradshaw could have a child together that would look like matthew mcconaughey, but whatever! since it's after 10pm, i should probably go find something for dinner!

such a good texas boy!

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Mzzterry said...

hook 'em baby!

keep those spiders away from those pluggy thingys in your hall. ya know, just in case.