Friday, September 12, 2008

you be illin'

not exactly in the context run dmc had in mind, but very true. k-dogg and i are both sick. i've been sick all week. i still went to work all week, went to b-a-m, went to the game last night...just like normal. k-dogg said his throat hurt last night, so he called in sick to work today and has been on the couch all day! guys are such weaklings when they're sick! i skipped the game tonight, it was moved up to 6 since we're under an inland tropical storm watch. but not cancelled. i think that's like a sin or something in east texas to cancel a friday night football game! anyway, since i've been home i slept almost two hours. my mom woke me up when she rang the doorbell, she brought us dinner! i didn't have a clue where i was or what was going on when i woke up. i have a fever and k-dogg hasn't moved from the couch or quit watching the ufc marathon in the past 4 hours. i'm fixin' to ask him if we can watch the office on dvd...we're on season 2. i've always liked the show, but i've never been an avid comes on during middle school game night! i'll be back later this weekend with a hurricane update. it's not like i'll be going anywhere else!

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