Wednesday, October 15, 2008

one week

so glad to see all of my blog friends were so worried about me choking myself with my ipod! :) anyway, nothing has really been going on. i went shopping last weekend even though i said i wasn't going to spend money. sunday i slept in and then did stuff around the house. monday i went to work, came home and took a nap. yesterday i went to work and then went to a go girls porch party. our family friend, anita, made me laugh so hard my stomach was hurting. i learned to not ever buy pantyhose at a garage sale. even if they have never been used, they may fall apart! today i went to work, came home and took a nap. i only woke up because i am itching all over and i don't know why! i told one of my friends at school that i am going to run away tomorrow at 6th period. i love my morning classes and 5th period. 6th and 8th are just horrible. i was so mad at my boys 6th period that i sent two of them to finish their work with one of the coaches and wrote an email to the head coach and the counselor telling them i want these boys out of my class! after a 10 minute push up and a public apology, they should be better tomorrow! being friends with the coaches is such a good thing! other than that and discovering, nothing else has been going on. i don't have anything planned this weekend other than football.


Mzzterry said...

not a bad week, overall!!

DyessFam said...

I was very, very concerned! It was just the silent type of concern....yeah. Glad you got a lot of naps....I want some naps!