Monday, October 27, 2008


i finally took pictures of the socks i got from the queenofeverything in the sock swap! i like them all, but the frog-u-la ones are my favorites. i'm going to wear them friday. and i think i may wear the pink ones on thursday for colorful sock day. it's red ribbon week at school. today was don't let drugs tie you down, so we wore ties. i looked like a hostess at olive garden in my black pants and shirt with a tie. i wore my dad's grateful dead tie with egyptian hieroglyphics. one of my students asked if my tie had kitchen utensils on it! normally, i'd be getting ready for bed, but the titans are on monday night football so i need to stay up to see if i can talk smack tomorrow or if i'll have to listen to a bunch of smack. being a titans fan where i live is not easy. even though they are the only undefeated team left in the nfl right now, everyone still bugs me for liking them over the cowboys. below is my real favorite team. i took some pictures of the drum battle and the game from friday. i can't believe some of those huge football players used to be in my class when they were 6th graders! i tell everyone that #22 learned everything he knows from me. he is awesome! i wish i was going to california to see bean this weekend, but she'll be here right before Christmas!


Mzzterry said...

#22 is which one of your boys???

Thompson said...

Okay...I'm just catching up on the blog. It's been a while...just wanted to say that I love #22!! He is awesome! I've got him 5th period...he's gonna be famous someday and we can both say we taught him!!