Thursday, October 9, 2008


just so you's not a good idea to fall asleep while your ipod is still on. i have a sleep playlist. i listen to it to calm me down and get me to sleep when my mind is too busy. i think there are 12 songs on it and i remember listening to the first 9 last night. next thing i know, it's around 2:30 am, and i'm awake because my shoulder and my neck feel funny. guess it could be the ear buds cord that has wrapped around my neck and my right shoulder. and somehow, one of the ear buds was still in my ear. that's a feat when i'm awake, i don't know how it stayed there while i was asleep! this week at work has been pretty uneventful. essays, library day, and now i'm giving benchmarks. tomorrow we are going to the high school pep rally. i don't like going to those. the ones at the middle school are long enough. getting all of our students onto the buses, getting them seated in the gym, and then making sure they all catch the bus at the high school or get on the bus back to the middle school to be picked up is a nightmare. i can't go shopping this weekend so my plans are to go to the football game tomorrow night and then work on projects around the house. if my mom decides to go shopping, i guess i can go and just not buy anything. we'll see!

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