Saturday, October 18, 2008

whatever you like

i went antique shopping today with k-dogg and my mom. took advantage of living in the antique capital of east texas. not sure i remember the last time the three of us went shopping together! i didn't buy anything there, but my mom found $20 on the ground, so we went to lunch at jason's deli. then we went to target and tjmaxx. my mom was on a mission for a blue colander she saw last weekend. she found an old one at one of the antique stores, so she ended up with 3 i think. i got a purse because k-dogg shares t.i.'s philosophy and lets me get whatever i like. we just don't quite have the same budget t.i. does! anyway, i got a little crafty this week and fixed up a plain silver candle holder i bought on clearance at hobbylobby this summer and a plain brown frame i got on clearance at target. i'm addicted to scrapbook paper and redoing stuff right now!

my new marc ecko red purse

the candle holder before and after, now i just need another square candle!

the before and after of my picture frame. i still don't have a craft table!

only in east texas!
documented proof that my husband and my mom went antique shopping together!

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