Saturday, February 21, 2009

what up, what's haapnin'?

before you say anything...yes, i spelled the title of my blog correctly. it's a t.i. song. k-dogg got me a itunes card for valentine's day and i used it to buy the latest t.i. album, pantera, disturbed, styx, and heart. is everyone's music tastes as diverse as mine? i've still got a little credit left, we'll see what i'm in the mood for. ok, picture time. shelly wanted to see a picture of my new shoes.

this is the best i could get. see, brown on the toe and the heel. then the burgandyish color and the navy in between. i wore them to work wednesday. pretty comfortable for dress shoes. bean won't be back here until maybe Christmas, so i wanted to show her our new bed stuff and the new lamp in our bedroom.

i got the bedding on the curtains were on clearance at target. the lamp was half price at hobby lobby. and the placemat under the lamp was also on clearance at target. we use a black tv tray for a table for our clock and the lamp in our room, so i got that placemat to make it fancier and actually match! i got some new stuff for the walls, too. when i get them hung up, i'll take more pictures. other than redecorating, i've spent most of my free time working on fleece blankets. i've sold 2 of them at work and the others are all gifts for all these pregnant people i know right now. so shelly and queen of everything...guess what you're getting!?!?! anyway, i just got the whole afternoon all to myself, k-dogg got invited to go play paintball so he just left in full camo and his old motorcycle boots. he even has a jacket with our last name on it that we found at the army navy store! i'm going to go pick up some cleaning stuff and get the backpack he wants for his trip to japan. yes, my crazy husband is going to tokyo this summer for vacation. i just hope he remembers to eat. when i got to mexico for 9 days, i really don't think he eats anything but peanut butter crackers and pop tarts! i'm going to see my sister in 3 weeks!


Mzzterry said...

what's wrong with peanut crackers and pop tarts(daddy)

DyessFam said...

I'm all for a meal of poptarts as long as they are cherry or blueberry! MMMMMmmmmm! Okay, I'm loving the shoes and all the stuff you got on sale. I love it when I have been looking for stuff and then all of a sudden I find everything (and then some) on sale! OH, YEAH!!!! Man, I would love to go paintballing again, but I would be SUCH a target! I haven't been in about 6 years or better. Oh, the memories. And, yes, we really don't know what we are having. We wanted to be surprised this time around. BTW, fleece blankets rock! We're going to have to start the sock swap up again as soon as I'm able to get around after this baby decides to come out! Okay, apparently, I decided to be a chatty cathy in your comments section...hehehe. Later.

queen of everything said...

a fleece blanket really. that ROCKS. i do love poptarts, but currently they make me very ill. have an extra on for me.