Thursday, September 8, 2011 earth, wind, and fire (how appropriate)

my 4-day work week turned into 3 days.  i'm staying home with Scout today because my mom had a massage treatment done tuesday and after it was over the therapist told her she couldn't lift anything more than 5 pounds for the next 3 days.  Scout weighs way more than 5, we're home.  so far he has almost swallowed his paci clip, threw up all over his blanket because of almost swallowing the paci clip, and keeps trying to stand up without holding on to anything.  now he's down for a nap!  the past few days here in etx have been crazy with all the wildfires.  family friends and church friends almost lost their homes.  the twin sister of a kid i taught and her daughter were killed in the fire.  we can't go out to recess because of a dense smoke advisory.  not related to the fires, one of my students has been out all week and the rumor is that he fell off a horse.  i know he had to get staples for something, his mom came to the school to get work for him yesterday.  Scout started mother's day out on tuesday.  first time anyone other than me, k-dogg, or my parents have taken care of him...or even changed his diaper.  i know bean and my uncle have each given him one or two bottles, but other than that...he's always been with one of the four of us.  he loved mdo.  he's the only boy in his class with 5 girls.  his friends, K and M, are there.  but, they are older so he doesn't see them.  it's been so long since i wrote about K and M, i don't remember their blog names.  i think at one time K's name was skunk poo!  long story, but i'm sure you can figure it out!  i'm not even sure M has a blog name.  she needs one though, because she's Scout's future wife!  we took Scout to the zoo on monday.  he loved being outside.  the wind does crazy things to his little head of dandelion hair.  he waved at the anteater, so i bought him a stuffed one.  he also waved at the rhino and wrinkled his nose at it.  he was probably surprised to find something that smelled worse than him!  he loved the fish.  i think we could've sat there watching them for a long time, but they're in the penguin house and it stinks, too!  one of my kids i taught won his first college football game last saturday.  he plays for the pittsburgh panthers.  his twin plays for ulm.  they did not win...or even score.  but, they were playing florida state, who were ranked number 6.  texas won!  i'm thinking about going to my high school's homecoming tomorrow night.  i love going to the football games, and i missed all last season because i was too pregnant!  looks like most of the smoke should be gone and it's not supposed to be hot anymore.  good time to go! 
Scout and K-dogg watching the fish at the zoo

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