Saturday, January 28, 2012

the hairbrush song

i have to go to ut tyler this afternoon to take my esl test.  i haven't taken a test for anything in 10 years, since i took my teacher certification test.  same place.  i was a little worried because i took the class about the test 3 months ago, but i took a practice test last night and only missed 2 questions.  and, it's not a test for anything i HAVE to have for work, just extra that will make my resume look better, it will make it easier to get a job somewhere else, and scheduling my students next year will be easier for admin.  we finally got paid this week.  i really wish they didn't even pay us early.  that would be easier than going almost 6 weeks in between checks!  Scout got his first haircut this week!  not really a real haircut...Gram trimmed his curls off and straightened everything up so he looks like a little boy now instead of a girl or a little urchin!  hair is just not going to be a big deal for us.  he wants to grow it out, ok...shave his head, alright.  you can always start over or wear hats!  at one point, i had a tail, one side of my hair was shorter than the other, and i had lines shaved in my hair.  i used to color it with markers.  i had a blue streak in it.  in college, it was dark brown, almost white, and then the same color as a dr. pepper can.  and i probably didn't use a brush or comb for well over a year.  K-dogg's hair has been shaved very short and he's had huge curls almost down to his shoulders.  not to mention Gram's many different colors and styles!  there's not much Scout will be able to do to his hair that would surprise us.  anyway, i'm off to find something to eat.  can't go in to that test on an empty and growling stomach!   

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