Sunday, January 15, 2012

Purple Rain

the golden globes awards are on tonight. i have seen 4 movies in the theater since Scout was born, harry potter and the deathly hollows parts 1 and 2, the help, and dolphin tale. dolphin tale was during work, too. the students that met their ar goals got to go to the movies and choose between dolphin tale and the smurfs. so, i haven't seen most of the movies that will be awarded tonight, but i'm an avid reader of entertainment weekly, so i do have some idea of what's going on! in honor of the big movies night, i'm listing my top ten favorite movie SOUNDTRACKS of all time. agree, disagree, marvel at my awesomeness, laugh in my face...i don't care, but feel free to add your thoughts and opinions!

The Big Chill
Jungle Book
My Girl
Reality Bites
Dirty Dancing
Romeo & Juliet
Now and Then
Dazed and Confused
Blues Brothers 2000

This list is not really in order, that would be too hard!

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