Friday, January 13, 2012

Texas Flood

Obviously, unlike my mom, the more stressed I am, the less I write and the less I eat. In the past two weeks one of my former students and another boy lost their moms to cancer and pneumonia. Another former student was shot in the face and the kid they have in custody is also a former student. Scout had a stomach virus and before it had even gone away he got double pink eye. Thankfully, it didn't seem to be the contagious kind. We don't know where he for it, but none of us got it from him! He didnt really eat for almost a week, but hes making up for it now! Coach Little passed away on Tuesday morning. There was a little confusion and drama with me taking off work for the funeral today. My annual evaluation at work was on Wednesday morning...I was not in much of a mood for that, but it turned out ok. One of my current students is having some major problems with some new medicine and the mom doesn't seem concerned at all. This morning was the funeral. I don't normally do funerals, but my dad was speaking at it, an it was Coach Little. I did pretty good at keeping it together until his son, Brad, got up to speak. He did a really good job. Tomorrow I plan to run away to target and eat some lunch, play with Scout, and enjoy the rest of our long weekend.

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Yes, I know there are mistakes...that's what happens when I post from my phone!