Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Lose Your Cool

i'm still amazed that people smart enough to go to college, get a degree, and be handed the responsibility of teaching our future are so flat out dumb, annoying, and childish sometimes. we got an email today from the assistant superintendent. another teacher im's me to ask if we're supposed to do something with the email, how long it took me to answer the survey in the email, and how serious she should be with her answers. come on, she got the same email as everyone else, if most of us understood it, why can't she? then we got a message from our principal explaining a reward for students with good behavior and grades. we're allowed to pick three students from our class to reward. so she had to im me again to ask what she's supposed to do with the reward even though our principal sent an im explaining it and came to each classroom to explain it in person! then she has the nerve to ask how i can teach my kids if i'm sitting at my desk every time she comes to ask me a question and tells me that my new shoes look comfortable. which basically is her snide way of saying that she thinks they are too casual for work even though they aren't against dress code. how can she teach her kids if she's always asking me unnecessary questions and coming to my room? put that with the teacher who goes out of his way to voice his opinion on anything and everything especially if it's about the school system or politics. if he disagrees with the system, why did he come back to teaching? and yes, we get it, he's a democrat. who cares? most people at our school are republican, we know that, accept it, vote the way you want, and go on with your life. i ought to tell him i'm thinking about voting for obama just to see if that shuts him up, but it probably won't. i would like to tell him that his jokes and comments about my hair are really old and that if i cared what other people thought of my hair, i'd have asked them what they thought before i cut it. i went through school with a side spike, a tail, lines shaved in my hair, and an asymetrical haircut. in college my hair was maroon and i didn't use a comb for well over a year. does he think i haven't heard "did you lose your hairbrush/stick your finger in a light socket/stand too close to the combine/lose a bet" before? for someone who prides himself on being weird and a nonconformist, you'd think he wouldn't say anything! my kids are being pretty decent for a change, it's the other teachers that are driving me nuts this week. those two plus the one who wishes she had my job and the one that can't figure out the difference between acting like the kids and being a grown up. i am so thankful for my three friends down the hall and the two downstairs. and spring break is in 3 1/2 weeks so that helps, too. ok, enough venting now, i think i need a hot shower and a book.


mzzterry said...


hang on sloopy!!!!


lil' miss martha stewart said...

i'm not dumb, but i can't understand why she walks like a woman, but talks like a man. glad to know that those teachers are in every school. for the record i always thought your hair was way cool. as were you anti conformity shirts.