Saturday, February 23, 2008

sugarpie, honeypunch

yeah, i know those aren't the right words. i think that came from a kid my mom had in her pre-k class when she worked at the school. i'm not really sure. anyway, the worst part of my day so far has been that we are out of honeybuns. it honeybun or honeybunch? it's hard to have anything bad happen when you don't get out of bed until 1:45! i guess it would be bad if you were still in bed at 1:45 and you were supposed to have been somewhere earlier...but not me. i have nowhere to be until 4 when we are going to go tear into some barbecue and ribs for k-dogg's grandma's belated b-day celebration. anyway, i had to eat an organic cereal bar instead of my normal honeybun. yes, i know that doesn't seem right, having little debbie honeybuns and organic cereal bars from the natural foods store in the same kitchen...but who cares? i'm trying to buy more organic foods and more natural house stuff, but it's expensive and for me the best part of waking up is not folgers in my's a coke and a honeybun. however, if you think most cereal bars have a funky aftertaste like i do...try health valley strawberry cobbler cereal bars. best ones i've ever had! i also think organic milk tastes better than regular. i don't know that i'll ever be able to give up my cokes and white bread though, no matter what. my mom and dad are flying home from bean's today. i have to pick them up at the airport tonight. i had nothing to do this week while they were in california. now that they'll be home, i have more to do. my mom and i are going to see the african children's choir tuesday night. thursday is my dad's birthday. and saturday we're going to canton! we've been trying to go since october, but either someone was sick or the weather was not good. then the week after that is the writing taks, open house, and my friend's wedding. i'm pretty nervous about the taks and i don't like open house for obvious reasons, but i can't wait for the wedding! that's still two weeks away though, so for now, i'm off to try to make whole wheat gingerbread!


rosemond said...

I am so pumped you have a blog!!

Mzzterry said...

sugarpie, honeypunch came from Bam Bam! Great memory you got there!