Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Way From Home

Yep, my whole family is in california without me. this sucks. i've been bored and grumpy all weekend, so k-dogg sent me to go shopping today. that's pretty much his answer anytime he doesn't know what to do with me. if i'm bored, mad, hyper, lazy, pretty much anything he thinks is different from normal...he tells me to go shopping. so, i did. i got some new tennis shoes. not real ones to work out in, but the kind that just look cute and are more comfortable than my boots. i think my adidas are about dead. considering they were only $17 and i bought them in '96, i'd say they've served their purpose and have had a long life! my new eccos won't last nearly as long, but they're in much better shape and more appropriate for work. i got more wallflowers! i think i now have wallflowers coming out of my ears. before the mall i went to kohl's. what did i do before we got a kohl's? i tried on a bunch of stuff, but one shirt looked like a hospital gown and some of the other shirts i tried on were too big even though they were a small! that definitely put me in a better mood! then i went to my favorite store for total maxx. i got a belt so my mom will be happy that i have a real belt instead of just the boy scout-looking belt i got from a bugle boy outlet. i got a st. patrick's day plate and a really cool glass that's iridescent and has gold elephants on it for my bedroom. see, total randomness. i also went to old navy and got my yearly quota of 2 perfect t's. those are the best t-shirts in the world. i actually may need to add those to my list of things that bring me inspiration, peace, and joy. i think my next shopping trip will be a quest for my dad's birthday present and hair products that actually work. it takes a lot of work to make my hair look like i don't do anything to it! for now i'm off to make suddenly salad and rest up before i go back to work tomorrow. i really wish we had president's day off.

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