Thursday, February 14, 2008

i want candy

i survived valentine's day at middle school. i honestly think it was worse than halloween. worse...that's a comparative adjective. normally, my kids can figure that out, but today they were on such a sugar rush that it went out the window. tomorrow most of them will crash, so maybe it will be quieter. it's also my aunt's birthday, my grandma-in-law's birthday, and my other aunt and uncle's anniversary. i've never understood why they got married on valentine's day. they are two of the most boring, unromantic, unsentimental people i know. plus, if my uncle ever forgot to buy a'd be double trouble. k-dogg got me across the universe on dvd. i haven't seen it yet, but since i love all things beatles, it was easy. and the fact that he can't really stand the beatles, makes it even cooler that he bought it. i'm so glad tomorrow is friday. the seinfeld episode where george keeps yelling, "Serenity now!" kept popping into my brain all day while i tried my best not to physically harm any of my hormone-charged, sugar-rushed kids. i really want some buffalo wings, but since it's survivor and lost night...they'll have to wait until tomorrow!

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mzzterry said...

hee hee hee......i found you!! =oP