Wednesday, April 2, 2008


pretty good song title to fall back on...guess i could use yesterday sometime too. school was ok, no raging hormones among the boys...well, no more than normal. very strange stuff going on among some of the girls. don't even want to talk about it. the best thing all day was going to lowe's and finding a martha stewart paint color named spiny sea urchin! that's just great. there were some other creative names, but that was the best. i'm actually thinking of how i could redo my computer room so that i could paint it that color. but it's really not the best shade of green i've seen, so maybe not. the best thing all day yesterday was when my students were talking about it being april fool's day and one girl looked down at her outfit and said, "Oh good, i'm ok, i'm wearing green!" we laughed so hard after that! someone i told asked if she was just trying to play a joke on us, but she wasn't. you have to know the girl. i love her (and her aunt ro), but she's so blonde! i had a good night too. i got to go to church and see all 4 of the kids that make up the coolest little kids ever on my list over there. too bad one of them was asleep.


Mzzterry said...

asleep?? might that be keelie bug??

lil' miss martha stewart said...

glad your day was good. could we get a pick of spiny sea urchin. i'm very curious

rosemond said... I'm reading this thinking it sounded like Paige, only to find out it was Paige! Hilarious!