Tuesday, April 1, 2008


April Fool's Day at middle school and i survived! that also means march is over...so i can talk about the books i read this month. i read The Lovely Bones, Hawkes Harbor, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and will finish To Kill A Mockingbird tonight. TKM is one of my all time favorite books, so it's definitely a repeat. ATSS was a really good book. I liked it even better than Kite Runner. I highly recommend it. The other two...not so much. TLB was alright, just weird and it started to go on too long. Hawkes Harbor should be called Horrendously Horrible. I was excited to get it, because the author is the same woman that wrote The Outsiders and that's one of my favorite books, too. All the other teenage boy living in Oklahoma books she wrote are pretty good, too. Hawkes Harbor just came out in 2004. I only recently heard about it and now I know why...outta no where it turned into a vampire story! what the heck!?!?!? anyway, DO NOT read it! I'm probably going to drop my copy off at goodwill soon, i don't even want it taking up room on my shelf. anyway, you can definitely tell that it's spring around 7th grade. the entire hallway stinks like rotten feet and they are entirely too focused on their hormones! See the cute new purse I bought this weekend? Today after tutorials, this boy said it was an interesting purse, that he liked it, and he's never seen one quite like it before. i thought maybe he liked it because of the color...it's not really red, it's not really orange, it's coral (which according to instyle magazine is THE spring color this year). anyway, no...he said he liked it because it reminded him of something. so, the girl in my tutorials finally said, "oh, because it looks like a girl's shirt and the snaps are right where ...you know. " good grief! he looked at my purse and pictures female anatomy! that's just wrong! so yeah, gotta love those 7th graders this time of year! i don't care, i still like my purse, i'll probably just keep it under my desk all the time now! at least my job is not boring!


Mzzterry said...

boys will be boys.........the more they change the more they stay the same

lil' miss martha stewart said...

great purse. i wish i had more time to read. thanks for the book recommendations.