Friday, April 18, 2008


so, wednesday morning, i'm actually not late for work, my outfit is nice and cute, i'm trying to get out of the garage before banjo sneaks in and....KABOOM. Guess what happens if you try to pull out of your garage before the door is all the way up!?!?!? This...

and also this... I knocked the garage door of it's track...way off and broke my spoiler off on the left side. not good. my dad came by and fixed the door with a tire iron. that way i could at least get my car out of the garage to go to work. i called the body shop today, but he didn't call back, so i gotta check tuesday on my new spoiler. right now i've gotta go pack...i get to see bean tomorrow! they'll be in houston for a film festival for her husband's first movie. so, we're going down to meet her for lunch and stay with my aunt and uncle. yea! and i was already off work tuesday, so i don't have to go back until wednesday...awesome weekend!

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