Thursday, April 24, 2008


haha, so, normally i vote for jason castro on american idol. but, not this week. i'm not really into broadway songs either, but his was just bad. plus, he sang one a lot of people know. anyway, my post was really going to be from this weekend anyway. we went to stay with my aunt, uncle, two cousins, and my other aunt and uncle were there for one night. first of all, that's way too many people in that house when none of them are k-dogg! second of all, my cousins' bedroom and bathroom is disgusting...17 and 19 year old boys! but, i got to go to houston and see my sister, bean, so it was all worth it! and she'll be home this summer for a week! some people think we look a lot alike, k-dogg thought we were either step sisters or that one of us was adopted when he first saw us...but i think it all fits together when you see both of us with our mom and dad.

bean with my mom and dad
us looking a little cheesy...but we were extremely excited to see each other, i hadn't seen her since january 2! for 23 1/2 years she was right across the bathroom from me!