Monday, December 22, 2008

i can see clearly now

wow, what a bad weekend. but, i woke up this morning and feel a lot better. i'm actually sore from having to stay on the couch so long. i ate some cereal and did some laundry. i should probably take a shower next. that would probably help! i'm still a little dizzy, but i went to work for 3 days last week dizzier than i am now. still not sure how i did that. i need to go to cvs and figure out what happened to the medicine i thought i ordered last week. i still haven't wrapped any presents or bought anything for my grandma. i think my cousins (jabba and frozenfeet) are coming in from houston today. they are 20 and almost 18 now! that's crazy. i used to buy them and my other cousin (luwaco) that's also 20 anything they wanted for Christmas. if they wanted a cd or a toy they knew their moms wouldn't get them, they told me and i got it for them. but, when they were about 12, i told them they were old enough to start giving presents on their own and not just adding their names on what my aunts gave me. so, we made a deal, no more presents from me until they bought me something, too. so, i haven't had to buy them anything for the past 8 years! i got jabba and luwaco a present when they turned 18 and when they graduated, but nothing for Christmas. i actually wasn't sure frozenfeet would ever get to his senior year, but he's he'll probably get a good graduation gift! i only have 1 cousin that's older than me. he's the one that used to torture me and bean when we were little. i've never bought him anything. but, i love buying stuff for his 3 boys even though i only see them maybe once a year. little d is definitely paying him back for anything he ever did when he was growing up! i went to see them for Christmas at our aunt's house last year. that will not be happening this year. i don't know, but i just think your mom's dad should at least say hi to you on Christmas after he hasn't seen you in almost 10 years. maybe i'm weird, but i think most people would agree withe me. so, i'm not going this year. i have enough to do anyway. like update my blog, finish shopping, and go out to dinner with k-dogg since i totally missed our anniversary yesterday.

i finally reinstalled my camera software on my new computer so i have some pictures to share...

this is me and my friend, doolittle, at our church Christmas party

these are the clipboards i made for my friends at work. 10 clipboards at once is too many!

me with my mom and bean at my house. i was really sick that night, but i can still fake smile!
me and bean, don't we look Christmasy!
my dad and bean

my dad wearing k-dogg's hat...k-dogg hasn't seen this!


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Mzzterry said...

your clipboards look wonderful, dahling.and your dad is one handsome guy!!