Saturday, December 6, 2008

one week

where did this week go? i haven't posted since the day before thanksgiving! so, thanksgiving was great. we had my mom and dad over and it was one of the best thanksgivings ever. i wish bean and jbaby had been here, but otherwise it was good. my heavenly sweet potatoes and my german chocolate cheesecake were awesome. i don't care if that sounds conceited, it's just the truth. we played sorry and k-dogg got mad at a play my dad and i pulled on him. it was pretty funny, if he hadn't been mad! the titans won...not a big surprise since they were playing detroit! black friday wasn't too exciting. we got up at 4, went to kohl's, walked around the store twice and left to go stand in line at target. target opened at 6am, we grabbed about 10 movies and some shirts and were out of there by 6:15. visited auttie at b&bw because we all know i can never have enough wallfowers! my mom and i went back to the stores later, saw some family, i ordered some stuff from old navy. saturday night ruined my weekend. we had another mouse in the house! i didn't have this blog last time that happened, but just know i have a serious phobia of rodents and take anti-anxiety medicine because of it. i don't remember the first 6 weeks or so of the school year last year. it's bad. anyway, i ended up on my parents' couch around midnight and left k-dogg home to catch the problem. thankfully, we caught it sunday night so i was able to stay home. so, between the lack of sleep from the weekend, me being mad at my students over their lack of motivation during the recent benchmark, having breakfast duty at 7:30 every day, and having to be observed week didn't get off to the greatest start. i got new glasses tuesday. it was so funny how many people said they had never noticed i wore glasses until i got my new ones. i've worn glasses since i was 3, people! i was really looking forward to the church Christmas party wednesday night. but, it's kinda hard to have a party in the gym without electricity, so we had to head back home. yesterday was k-dogg's 28th birthday! he ended up with 8 episodes of MST3K on dvd...woohoo. we went out to eat at tgifridays for his b-day dinner. if you know where we live and where the nearest tgif is, you know what a big deal that is. so, everyone should be caught up on everything going on. oh yeah, i got a good secret santa this year...i got a whole box of annie's cheddar bunnies and a 2 liter coke this week! my computer/craft room is finally clean and organized, it's amazing what a little mouse will motivate you to do! i have a workshop no school! and...BEAN WILL BE HERE IN ONE WEEK! YEA!

something to look forward of my new glasses and the ghetto Christmas tree my students decorated in my classroom...i gotta reinstall my camera software soon!

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