Sunday, December 21, 2008

yesterday was probably the worst day of my life ever. apparently, it's not a good idea to run out of your anti-anxiety medicine and forget to get the refill. it does all kinds of things like make your head spin and not let you sit up for two days and see things that aren't there, but not see things that are the coffee table. it's also not a good idea to run into your coffee table. i kept falling asleep and couldn't tell the difference between a dream and real life. i was hot and cold off and on all day and would get really mad or start crying for no reason. way to start the Christmas vacation. still don't have my medicine. k-dogg went to get the refill, but they told him they didn't refill it even though i sent it in on monday. they will try to fax my doctor tomorrow. which is so stupid since my doctor and the pharmacy are in the same parking lot!


Beka said...

Well, Happy Anniversary, anyway! I hope today is better than yesterday!

DyessFam said...

Yep, Happy Anniversary! Yikes, you gotta watch out for those sneaky coffee tables! They will lie in wait and then pounce when you least expect it! :p I hope you feel better