Wednesday, December 10, 2008

you oughta know

ok, here's post 100, so i heard i'm supposed to make a list of 100 things about me or something. here we go...

1. i suddenly can't think of anything about myself
2. i don't use capitals very often when i'm blogging or texting
3. i get on to my students all the time for not using capital letters correctly
4. i wish standardized state testing had never been invented
5. if you saw my bulletin board, you might think i have three little blonde kids
6. they aren't my kids, they are just three sisters from church i like to spoil and they are too funny
7. i do have a kid in indonesia that i support through compassion international
8. there are at least 4 or 5 kids at school i would bring home with me if i could
9. my favorite place in the world (other than my bed) is my church in san buena, mexico
10. i like going there to work at vacation bible school, work on my spanish, and take pictures
11. i think my church here is pretty awesome, too
12. my plan was to get a degree in accounting, marry someone that wasn't from here and get away as soon as possible
13. God's plan for me was to marry someone from my dad's hometown right up the road, get a teaching degree, and teach at the same middle school my mom, my dad, their sisters, my sister, and i all attended
14. i think that has to prove God has a sense of humor
15. i love Christmas
16. and Christmas music
17. the only fudge i like is the kind my mom makes
18. but just the plain chocolate kind, i don't like the peanut butter or the pumpkin fudge
19. the first concert i went to was new kids on the block
20. i refused to pay $125 to see them again this year
21. going to concerts with my dad was always one of my favorite things to do
22. i didn't know that not everyone got to go to concerts all the time until well into high school
23. i worked at a coffeehouse in college and we had live music every weekend
24. one of those bands ended up playing at my wedding
25. i worked for one of them on weekends and wrote their newsletter
26. i bet not many other english teachers used to work for a southern metal band
27. i'm not a normal english teacher
28. i absolutely stink at math
29. that should have been a clue that i wasn't going to be an accountant
30. i love my ipod
31. i think it reveals a lot about me
32. i also love scrapbook paper
33. but i don't scrapbook, i use it for other crafts
34. i like making fleece baby blankets for my friends and coworkers
35. right now i'm working on decorating clipboards
36. i want to learn how to make scrabble pendants like the ones on etsy
37. i can waste a lot of time on etsy and facebook
38. yes, i'm addicted to the twilight books
39. the movie...not so much
40. i like harry potter better
41. i really do not like the chronicles of narnia
42. i don't really like most books where people and animals can talk to each other
43. other than harry potter and twilight, i'm not really into the whole fantasy or sci-fi thing
44. that leads to some interesting conversations between me and k-dogg
45. i slept through the first two lord of the rings movies
46. i also can not stand will ferrell and his usual gang
47. i sometimes wonder how k-dogg and i ever found anything to talk about
48. i can watch friends and the cosby show reruns all day
49. my favorite three actors are brad, will, and leo
50. matt's not bad either
51. i'll have to continue this later or i'll be late for the church Christmas party...
52. i've been sick all week and i'm tired of it
53. i made 10 clipboards for people at work
54. i haven't wrapped any presents yet
55. i love clementines
56. i have to be sneaky, k-dogg doesn't let me eat them because i'm allergic to citrus
57. i'm never going to finish this list because the room is spinning and i'm going back to the couch

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queen of everything said...

just finished the twilight series. started on monday finished last night. glad for a happy ending, but sad that it ended.