Sunday, September 18, 2011

arts and crafts

went to the arts and crafts show yesterday.  actually bought something this year!  the show was MUCH smaller, but at least most of the stuff seemed to actually be handmade to some extent.  the "food court" was pitiful this year, but i heard that was because no one was allowed to grill outside because of the burn ban.  that makes sense!  i got two bracelets for $2 each and a wooden sign that looks like a Texas flag and says "God bless Texas and its Rangers."  a lady from work made the sign.  i also have one that's just like it only it's white and burnt orange and says Longhorns!  we are skipping church this morning.  we went out to dinner with family members friday and saturday night...Scout needs to stay home and rest!  i'm also skipping a baby shower this afternoon.  we had a crazy week between the family dinners, pizza night at my school, and my mom and dad's house getting painted.  i didn't get the baby's gift finished and i'm staying home to watch football, grade papers, and catch up on laundry.  plus, if i have on the baby gift and a wreath i want to make. won't be surprised if it's the grading papers i don't get around to doing!   i'm going to try one of those yarn wreaths i keep seeing all over the internet...especially on pinterest.  i bought the yarn, the styrofoam wreath, and some feathers to go on it.  if i remember, i'll post pictures.  i used to be much better about that!  i also found out, if i make more, i'll buy the wreaths at walmart.  $7.99 at hobby lobby...$4.99 at walmart!  i've already started buying Scout's birthday and Christmas gifts.  in the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas we also have Scout's birthday, K-dogg's birthday, and our anniversary!  it's going to require some planning and shopping ahead of time.  but right now...i'm off to another site to look for shoes for Scout.  bare feet are fine with shorts and onesies...look a little sad with jeans and pants!

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