Friday, September 30, 2011


stayed home from work today.  yesterday i sat in an all-day planning session with someone that had a stomach virus.  she's probably not real happy with me, i wore a medical mask all day!  oh well, if you're not going to stay home from work and keep your germs away from me, i'm going to try my best to keep them from getting to me!  by the time we left, i had an awful headache, so i took a sick day today.  Scout was not feeling too good either.  he's really close to getting a new tooth, you can almost see it under his gums.  plus, his daddy, gram, and poppa have all had a cold in the past week.  we were going to just stay home and rest, but we went to gram's so we could go for a walk.  if you tried to walk by our house, you'd end up as roadkill!  it wasn't blazing hot, and there was no one at the park, so we let Scout play on the little slide.  he loved it!  i did manage to rest, even though there was no nap involved.  Scout plays by himself much better at gram and poppa's.  he's all over the floor, mostly rolling a ball around, or unstacking his stacking toy.  he does NOT like things to be stacked up!  at home, he spends more time trying to get into things he's not supposed to play with than he does with his toys.  i started working on the yarn wreath i'm making.  i actually remembered to take a "before" picture!  i'll post it with the "after" pictures when it's finished.  not much else going on, the plan was to go to canton tomorrow.  that will depend on how we all feel and if the weather cools down enough.  if not...i think it will be target and hobby lobby!  i'm actually almost finished shopping for Scout's birthday and Christmas gifts, thanks to amazon!  but, i gotta get inspired for the ladies holiday tea in november.    

for all the people wanting to see him on here because i'm off facebook!

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