Wednesday, September 28, 2011


no real time to post today either, but i'm trying to stay in the habit.  k-dogg was home sick today and stuff.  nothing serious, just a cold...which means he thought he was dying yesterday, but felt well enough to empty the dishwasher for me today while he was home!  but, by the time scout and i got home, it was around 5:30, which is when most people always start feeling worse when they're sick.  school was crazy today, all the math teachers were at a workshop.  that means subs in every team!  we're repaying the favor by taking a planning day tomorrow and letting them have all the kids on day two of half the teachers being out!  the lady that subbed for my math teacher is way too old and too nuts to be working with 4th graders.  i really feel bad about what happened with one of my students, but it was out of my control before i was aware of it.  not much i could do, but i did talk to the mom.  grades are due friday.  if it's not blazing hot we may try to go to canton on saturday.  gotta go watch survivor with my boys and then find something that will pass for dinner...or at least food!

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