Sunday, September 25, 2011


too late to blog now, i've been posting on pinterest and deleting albums on facebook.  i may delete my whole facebook.  or, i may just take a hiatus.  i'm just tired of it.  there are a lot of people i like keeping up with, but i'm tired of facebook being all up in my business!  this afternoon, k-dogg, scout, and i went shopping together.  that is the first time we have done that without my parents with us.  we dropped k-dogg off at supercuts and went to old navy.  scout got more clothes!  like he needs them.  then we went to target to stock up on baby food for the month.  i try to get enough for a month all at one time so i don't have to worry about running out.  i got a hilarious picture of scout while his daddy was looking at fryers.  he was obviously so not into looking at fryers!  it's on my phone, so i'll post it later.  everything was fine until i had to change scout's diaper in the front seat of the car.  he likes to flip over now, and he was really trying to get the coke can out of the cup holder above him.  not fun when it's a smelly diaper, it's 99 degrees outside, and two guys are in their truck two spaces over watching the whole thing!  but, we survived.  i'm off now.  gotta go get some sleep before i face my students. 

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queen of everything said...

the roll-over diaper change is so much fun. if you quit fb i sure hope you blog more. it's nice to see what you are up to, that sounds a bit stalkerish doesn't it, sorry