Sunday, December 4, 2011


hanging out with Gram after everyone else left

Figuring out the present thing

he was tired before the party started...he went to the IMPACT missions fair at church

101 Dalmatians

1 year old!

i LOVE this kid!

Scout and Poppa

he liked the bows

once he opened the alphabet train from K-dogg's aunt, he was done!

Scout and Scout

first time to eat cake!

he started sharing food this week

Scout loves his Gram when no one else is around!

Scout's birthday is actually today, but we partied yesterday.  That kid cleaned up, and in 3 weeks he'll do it again.  He had fun at his party.  He loved his cupcake and being the center of attention.  We're not done celebrating...K-dogg will be 31 tomorrow!  Yes, December is a little crazy around here...Scout's birthday, K-dogg's birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas.  Hope I survive this year after year!  I can't wait til he's old enough to understand all of this craziness!

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Rosemond said...

Good job, Mama! Everything looks so cute...especially the birthday boy!!