Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home for the Season

Scout and Bean!

he loves his musical santa at gram's

opening his birthday gift from aunt bean and uncle j
yeah, we've been a little busy around here.  the week we get out for Christmas is always crazy.  since we get out k-dogg and i went to his office Christmas party and my mom and i went to the ballet to see peter pan.  it was awesome!  peter pan is my favorite disney movie and i love the movie, finding neverland.  one of my old students, her little sister, and their dad were all in the ballet.  leslie was gorgeous as a mermaid and indian maiden, i wish i could flip and tumble like becca, and their dad was hilarious as a pirate!  since then, we've been getting ready for my sister to come home for Christmas!  they got in late thursday night.  Scout waited as long as he could, but he finally fell asleep on my mom.  he woke up and saw bean when we were getting ready to take him home, but he was not really awake and very confused.  he got to spend all afternoon with her yesterday and finally met uncle j.  first impression did not go well!  Scout burst into tears when j tried to pick him up, but he was also tired and had a dirty diaper!  he warmed up later when they played with his ball drop toy and uncle j taught him (kinda) to pull his finger...must be an uncle thing!  k-dogg and i opened presents from each other this morning because we may not get another chance!  Scout loved the box his daddy's present came in.  when he wakes up from his nap, we're headed back to gram and poppa's for really good snacks, presents, and hanging out with aunt bean and uncle j.  then we're all going to Christmas Eve service at church.  i had to make a list last night of everything we'd need for today and tonight so Scout will have all the right clothes, diapers, toys, and gifts without having to come back to the house a hundred times this afternoon!  

i'm sure there will be MANY more pictures after this weekend!  Merry Christmas!

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