Wednesday, December 28, 2011

faded from the winter

after 5 days of celebrating, we are all tired and worn out.  we are staying home today to play with new toys, clean, and undecorate the house.  we may have to go out to find some food later.  and of course, we have to call someone to get our garage door fixed...yea.  i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Scout's was awesome.  he met his uncle j and was introduced to fudge, pretzels, and curious george.  we got him a curious george doll and he loves it.  it had to go everywhere with us once he opened it Christmas eve night and he sleeps with it. my aunt had no idea about the doll and she got him a curious george dvd!  when bean and i were shopping on monday, i found a curious george ornament on sale.  so, i guess this was the Christmas of curious george! 

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