Monday, December 5, 2011

manic monday

birthday celebrating overload!  did not want to go to work today.  didn't sleep well at all because of all the stuff in our bedroom from Christmas decorations and when we "cleaned" the house for Scout's party!  plus, it was so cold and wet students were insane!  so happy to get home with my birthday crew.  yesterday, Scout slept ALL afternoon after church, was up about 3 hours, and then went to bed.  in between, we tried to get a family picture on his actual first birthday.  i think the only pictures of all three of us together are in the hospital when he was a day old, in edom for Gram's birthday in april, and at his dedication in may!  after seeing these two pics, i know why!  still happy to have a picture with my birthday guys!

 i think i could sleep til Christmas and be just fine...or at least til Wednesday!

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