Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you know the muffin man?

Well, in this case, muffin woman. I made 30 muffins last night for work...29 of them made it there, k-dogg had to test them for me. They were all gone by 10:30! And everything I was supposed to take to my mom's for Scout made it there. My kids did a really good job with the food drive. We beat our goal! We should find out tomorrow which class got the most. Scout had his one year checkup this afternoon. The doctor saw him before I got there. Everything looked good. He had to get 5 shots...all in his legs! Ouch! I don't even know what all he got, other than his flu shot. His MDO class has a little Happy Birthday, Jesus! party tomorrow! So cute! He has gifts for all the little girls in his class, he's the only boy, and his teachers. I hope he feels ok. Right now, I'll just be thrilled if he sleeps all night. He had us awake at 4:15 this morning, by the time he went back to sleep without was time to get up! Teething is not fun for anyone!

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