Thursday, May 1, 2008

hurry up sunrise

sunrise, of course, being summer vacation. honestly one of the best parts of my job! so, the good and bad from last night...bad thing: taks was this week, good thing: taks is over for 7th grade! bad thing: my room was destroyed by a crazed person, good thing: i stood up for myself and another teacher over our rooms! bad thing: regional blues musician has encephalitis and has been very ill, good news: i went to a benefit concert for him sunday night and got to see my favorite guitar player from the 4th row center, buddy flett is getting better, and they raised a lot of money for him. by the way, if you know me at all, you should know my favorite guitar player is kenny wayne shepherd. i planned on naming my son after him if the opportunity arose, especially since my grandfather's name was kenneth wayne and that's pretty much a family middle name. however, that was before i knew i would end up with a last name that rhymes with wayne. k-dogg is just totally against it! plus, i think he's always been just a TAD jealous of kws. anyway, there goes my kids being named kenny wayne or penny lane! but, i only planned to use one of those...not both together! back to the list...bad thing: kids think school is finished, good thing: not sure there is a good thing about that except there really is only about 15 days worth of real school! gotta go get lost in lost.

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