Friday, May 23, 2008

i see red

so, today's color is red. but, before we get to was my last friday with kids at work! then, i came home and slept from 3:45-6! tired much? this weekend is memorial day weekend. i understand the purpose of this holiday...what i don't get is why we have memorial day, armed forces day, and veterans' day. and don't even mention flag day. could we not accomplish all of this on fourth of july? just a thought. anyway...on to the red!

after my yellow post, my mom said between big bird and the care bear, i'm definitely a child of the eighties. well, today i have mr. t (even though he's not part of the red) and strawberry shortcake!
two red things that help me breathe, my peak flow meter and the red light that tells me my air purifier is on!
this is a hard's a red candle.
the clock in my laundry room, i just turned my camera to make it a wee bit more interesting
i didn't realize i had so much red in my closet...this isn't even half of it!

part of the elephant "thing" that hangs in my bedroom window!
the best crackers ever!
the school district k-dogg works for is red, black, and white...gotta have the red polos!
just happened to have this in my laundry room...
my coke can with the russian logo. part of the series for the olympics

my red shoes i always wear...and the red shoes i've never worn...that's why they still have elastic strings on them!
my kitchen is yellow, red, and this is kinda easy so far.
i looked outside, but i didn't see much red. considering my favorite colors are black, gray, and brown, i was surprised i had so much red in my house! my mom's right, when you go searching for a specific color, you notice little, simple things much more!


Mzzterry said...

I almost included the russian coke can in my photos!

I did not steal one of your flowers, it followed me home! =)

Mzzterry said...

go spurs!!!!!