Tuesday, May 27, 2008

have you ever seen the rain

no colors today, i gotta catch up, i don't have much blue around here. anyway, today was our fun day at the park. our regular park was already full, so we went to the park close to my church. it was pretty fun...only 1 fight and just a few injuries. then it started sprinkling...then it started raining harder. by the time i ran to the bus, it was pouring! it was hailing while we were driving back to the school and lightning was everywhere. and of course, i was the only teacher on my bus. not that my bus wasn't full...there were kids from 4 different classes, they were sitting 3 to a seat, but somehow, the teacher that rode over there with me didn't have enough sense to get back on the same bus. after school i got my hair cut and made plans to go back to the salon next week. we'll see how that turns out. you really have to trust your stylist to tell her that she can color your hair however she wants! tomorrow is our awards assembly and i don't think i have to do anything on stage, so that's good. then thursday is the last day with students!


Mzzterry said...

perhaps next week you will have something BLUE around to photograph!! =)

queen of everything said...

can't wait to see what the stylist did. i told my oldest about your bi-level haircut, she thinks you are way cool.