Thursday, January 22, 2009

electric lullaby

even though it's only 9:15, i'm already listening to my sleep playlist on my ipod. i am tired and i need to go to bed earlier tonight. i was up until midnight last night and that's not good. anytime that i pass my dad on our ways to work, i know i'm not on time! i actually like getting to work early. i can get in my room before my students and start my computer, buy my coke, visit. it's just getting to work early that i have a problem with. i think my bed is too comfortable! much less drama nice. and tomorrow is friday! 4 day work weeks are good...especially when we only have students 3 of those days. i went to watch my boys play basketball tonight and they won! first win of the season! they have serious coaching issues, as well as several of them being quite vertically-challenged. the office was so goofy. i love that show! i haven't taken any pictures since Christmas, i need to get motivated. and it would be nice to go to the movies this weekend since slumdog millionaire and revolutionary road are playing here! gotta catch them before they disappear. i really hope neither one of us is sick this weekend...that just messes up the whole weekend and the following work week.'s my sleep playlist...the music that helps me relax and almost always puts me to sleep by the last song.

over the rainbow...jason castro...yes, the dreadlocked guy from american idol
i found love...kenny wayne shepherd
blackbird/yesterday...the beatles...from the love cd
realize...colbie cailat
imagine...john lennon
missing your love...jonny lang
while we cry...kenny wayne shepherd
electric lullaby...kenny wayne shepherd...ok, so i really like him...but if you know me, you knew that
so gracefully...the quiet friend from this band is so talented and i love this song. he wrote it for his wife before they were married, it's so cute
mayonaise...smashing pumpkins
gravity...john mayer trio
grace...kate havnevik...from the first grey's anatomy soundtrack, look her up

i have an energy playlist too. for when i'm cleaning house or working outside or at the school. it's got way too many songs to list and some are really not songs i'm proud of! quite a bit of nelly, the black eyed peas, christina aguilera, with some limp bizkit, kanye, and mc hammer thrown in. don't tell anyone!


Rosemond said...

I definitely approve of your ipod song selections! I absolutely love Jason Castro's version of Over the Rainbow! (I also love his rendition of Hallelujah!) Hope your upcoming days are filled with much less drama!

Pattylicious said...

I feel ya on the getting out of bed and to work thing. I have to leave by seven to get to work when I want to be there (which is only ten minutes earlier than admin selected time), but lately I have been pushing the admin time. Guck! I hate getting there later than the time that I want to be. Maybe we are all just worn out from last sem. Good luck!!