Saturday, January 3, 2009

killing time

so, i'm still hiding out in my computer room. i decided to do something i used to do on xanga (anyone still remember xanga :)) and recap 2008 by the months.

January and February
i didn't start blogging until february, so i don't remember much about january except that we spent new year's in california with bean and j-baby. i cut all my hair off. i was really sick of a lot of people at work. i started going a little organic and green. and my mom and i went to see the african childrens' choir!

March and April
went to my mom's parents' house for the first time in over 10 years and stayed in the car. still not ready. it SNOWED in march! my kodak died so i got a new canon. one of my bestest friends got married in huntsville so i roadtripped solo. i tried to back out of the garage before the door was all the way up and tore the spoiler off my car. it still isn't fixed! bean and j-baby came to houston for a film festival, so my parents and i traveled five hours to take her to lunch.

May and June
i turned 29! and banjo ran away for a couple of days. the school year ended. banjo ran away on bean's 25th birthday and we've never seen him again. i sent bean 25 birthday presents. auttie and dcam got married. bean told us she was pregnant. i worked at vbs and decided i never want to work with 5 year old boys again...or maybe it was just that group of boys.

July and August
bean came home for a week! we went to the balloon glow and a kevin fowler concert and i now have a least favorite concert ever! went to mexico for the mission trip, took 444 pictures, and ran up my cell phone bill. found out bean had lost her baby while i was on my way to mexico. survived living with two 10th grade girls for 10 days, made some good friends from my church and in mexico. watched the olympics, went back to work...was seriously addicted to army wives.

September and October
oh yeah...hurricane ike. how'd i forget that? it hit while k-dogg and i were both sick. i think i get sick every year after school starts. then football, football, and more football. crafting and shopping in between the football. and a pretty uneventful halloween spent where a football game! seriously addicted to twilight!

November and December
ladies' holiday tea, middle school masquerade ball, pastor ovidio from mexico passed away, i was sick...AGAIN, some workshops, twilight the movie, thanksgiving at my house, shopping, lots of shopping, as little time at work as possible, BEAN was HOME again, seriously sick when i skipped my antidepressant medicine for a week! Christmas craziness, the office, more shopping, and THE END

i can't believe how much stuff i had forgotten about that seemed like a big deal when it happened. i also can't believe how many weekends i am sick during the school year! wow! how do i ever get all of those football games and all that shopping done!?!?!

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