Saturday, January 3, 2009

chasing cars

not much going on, i'm hiding out in my computer room because k-dogg and his friend have taken over the living room with the x-box and some loud ugly alien game. (now they're watching stepbrothers...ugh) we went to eat at my italian place earlier. then we got pulled over by the police because our friend turned around in a parking lot and the officer thought he had driven through the parking lot to skip the red light. no ticket though! yesterday, k-dogg, my mom, and i went to caton trade days. i got some jewelry and some saris for our bedroom. and i got a lot of new ornaments for the kitchen tree we are going to have next year. k-dogg pretty much just ate the whole time we were there. i cleaned out my closet this afternoon. got rid of 40 articles of clothing and 3 pairs of shoes and you can't even tell! definitely do not need any new clothes any time soon. the only thing i didn't get done that was on my list of things to do during the break was painting the wall in my computer room. i need a paint stirrer stick. we watched season 3 of the office this week and started season 4 today. we went to see the curious case of benjamin button. you should definitely see that movie. if you don't have time or the money to go to the theater...see it as soon as it comes out on dvd. it was soooo good! k-dogg got me the 4th twilight book for Christmas and i finished it on new year's eve. it was really good and i'm absolutely on team jacob now! i'm reading the tales of beedle the bard now and then i plan to read a mighty heart next. i read speak by laurie halse anderson recently. you should read that while you're not watching the curious case of benjamin button! i also read the shack, and don't really see what all the hype is about. i thought it was pretty weak and goofy. anyway, no new year resolutions really...we are trying to save some money each month and not spend so much on stuff we don't really need. if anyone has a time machine that could stop monday from coming...please let me know!

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